Nanoscale Characterization Facility - Indiana University, Department of Chemistry



The VERTEX 70v is equipped with optical components to cover the spectral range from 10 cm-1 in the far IR/THz, through the mid and near IR up to the visible/UV spectral range at 28,000cm-1. With its pre-aligned optical components and permanently aligned interferometer, range change is easy and maintenance free. With the evacuable optics bench of the 70v spectrometer, sensitivity in the mid-, near and far IR/THz regions are obtained without masking very weak spectral features caused by water vapor or CO2 absorptions. Outstanding results, e.g. in the area of nano-science research down to sub-monolayers, can be obtained.



The instrument usage is $10/hour. The users must log into the log book and the individual Excel sheet prior to using the instrument for billing purposes. The log book comments will help in assessing a possible malfunction which may occur during the user’s time.

Research Examples


Jun Chen

S002B Simon Hall