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Gel Permeation Chromatography


The Waters Breeze gel permeation chromatography (GPC) system is a standalone HPLC instrument dedicated to characterizing the molecular weight and molecular weight distribution (MWD) of polymers. It consists of a 1525 binary HPLC pump, a 1500 column heater, a manual injector, an inline degasser AF, a 2414 refractive index detector and a 2487 dual λ absorbance UV/Vis detector. With the installed three Styragel high resolution columns (HR2, HR4 and HR5, 7.8×300 mm) that are connected together, it is capable of measuring molecular weight in the range of 10E2 – 10E5. The GPC columns are compatible with THF. THF is the default eluent. The polymer samples must have a good solubility in THF.


The GPC fee is $20 per sample. Consumables including HPLC grade THF, PTFE filters, and small glass vials are provided. The users must log into the log book and the individual Excel sheet prior to using the instrument for billing purposes. The log book comments will help in assessing a possible malfunction which may occur during the user’s time.

Research Examples


Yi Yi

C307 Chemistry