Nanoscale Characterization Facility - Indiana University, Department of Chemistry

Plasma Cleaner


The Harrick PDC-001 expanded plasma cleaner can be used for cleaning, surface sterilization, surface activation, preparation for bonding and adhesion, modification of surface chemistry, and TEM grid activation. A wide range of sample sizes can be accommodated in the 6” diameter by 6.5” long Pyrex chamber. Three adjustable RF power settings are available and the maximum power is 30 W. A variety of process gas chemistries may be used to sustain pressures from 300 to 1500 mTorr, as monitored by a digital thermocouple gauge.


The instrument usage is $2/run. The users must log into the log book and the individual Excel sheet prior to using the instrument for billing purposes. The log book comments will help in assessing a possible malfunction which may occur during the user’s time.


Yi Yi

C307 Chemistry