Nanoscale Characterization Facility - Indiana University, Department of Chemistry

Spin Coater


The Headway PWM50-DY-R790 Spinner System is used to coat substrates (e.g. glass slides and silicon wafers) with uniform thin films (e.g. photoresist). A small amount of sample is applied to the center of the substrate, and the substrate is rotated at high speed to evenly distribute the sample by centrifugal force. Substrates diameters up to 5 inches can be accommodated. The motor can handle spin speeds ranging from 50 to 10,000 rpm and acceleration can be adjusted from 100 to 20,000 rpm/sec. The programmable controller can store up to 10 separate spin recipes, with up to 9 separate program steps per recipe. Controller can be programmed for rpm, ramp (acceleration & deceleration), and time.

Two vacuum chucks are available for use- a ¾” flat surface stainless steel chuck for thin substrates and a ¾“ O-ring chuck for larger substrates.


The instrument usage is $6/hour. The users must log into the log book and the individual Excel sheet prior to using the instrument for billing purposes. The log book comments will help in assessing a possible malfunction which may occur during the user’s time.

Research Examples


Jun Chen

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