Nanoscale Characterization Facility - Indiana University, Department of Chemistry

UV Exposure System and Mask Aligner


The OAI model 200 is a mask aligner and UV exposure systems. Utilizing an air bearing / vacuum chuck leveling system, the substrate is leveled quickly and gently, for parallel photomask alignment and uniform contact across the substrate during contact exposure. The system is equipped with a single field Meji microscope and is capable of one micron resolution and alignment precision. The alignment module features a mask insert for a 5 x 5″ mask and a substrate chuck for 4″ square substrates. Up to 6″ diameter substrates can be accommodated with optional tooling. The system can operate in soft contact, hard contact, or vacuum contact modes and the force between the substrate and mask can be adjusted with a user-settable electronic ‘clutch’ system. The system provides collimated UV light in near UV using a 500W lamp.


The instrument usage is $30/hour. The users must log into the individual Excel sheet prior to using the instrument for billing purposes.


Jun Chen

S002B Simon Hall